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What Is Affiliate Marketing? The Mindset to Affiliate Marketing Success

I have started making money with affiliate marketing since 2013. This is one of the first forms I made since I entered the MMO world.

That day there weren't as many documents to study as it is now. I had to do my own research, trial and error a lot.

In this article, I will help you understand affiliate marketing, an MMO trend today.

Let's dive right in.


What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the form of promoting products or services of suppliers through the websites of partners to end users.

You, as a partner, receive a commission when users visit your website and perform actions that the supplier wants from the end user such as: purchasing, registering to use services, fill in information,...

In a nutshell,

With affiliate marketing, you can create a affiliate link for each product, and bring this link to advertise via website, chatbot, paid traffic, native ads, email,... or any other channel which you think it works.

When customers buy products, use the service through your link, you will receive a commission.

Why You Should Start Making Money with Affiliate Marketing

why you should start making money with affiliate marketing

You Don't Need to Have Your Own Products

There are many suppliers with thousands of products of all kinds, you can choose any specific niche or products to sell.

You will choose other people's products and sell them without having to import anything.

There are many affiliate networks with thousands of brands, you just sign up for an account & choose a campaign that you think you can promote it well.

For example, Commission Junction, Clickbank, Shareasale are the world's leading affiliate networks today.

You Just Focus on Improving Your Marketing Skills, No Need to Worry about Logistics

The work such as package, shipping,... will be done by the suppliers.

The job of an affiliate marketer is focusing on marketing skills such as: SEO, Ads, content marketing,...

You Can Work from Anywhere

You just need to have a computer connected to the internet.

You Can Start with Low Cost

You don't need a lot of funding to get started. You only need a small amount of money to invest in hosting, website.

Passive Income

You can make money even when you are sleeping.

For those who do affiliate marketing with websites or YouTube channels, it will easily bring a sustainable source of passive income and long-term.

For those of you who follow paid traffic, when you find winning content, everything will be very easy, just a simple set of ads can bring orders and good profits.

Mindsets to Affiliate Marketing Success

marketing mindset

Ready for Trial and Error

Today I see many excellent people who have had success with affiliate marketing.

They are very focused and experimental people, doing many things that no one expected, finally finding the most effective and suitable direction.

If the way you are working doesn't work, then think of a new direction to see if it is better, maybe you will find a way for you.

You Will Probably Fail, Not Just Once

Failure is what most newbies encounter, I am no exception. I did not fail only once but many times.

It is normal to fail and lose money at the beginning.

You should be willing to learn, ready to take action from the smallest things and then see the result, if it fails, analyze it and find a solution.

Don't worry too much about failure, it's just your experience.

You should not be a perfectionist. That will only make you fail more.

Just try and correct continuously over time, you will find the right direction and experience.

Previously when I did, there were many difficulties and failures, but the most important thing was to find ways to overcome and analyze why such failures.

Now looking back, I am thankful for the failures and difficulties because of it, I have learned many other knowledge and become stronger on the path of affiliate marketing.

True failure is when you give up.

You Should Work Hard and Be Persistent

Creating a website and writing only a few articles after 1-2 weeks and then getting bored and then do nothing is the mistakes many people make.

You should persevere in the work then the unexpected results will come to you.

Not only the affiliate but I think any new field needs to be persistent in order to make good results.

This Is a Long-term Business

Affiliate marketing is not a form of making money in a day or two.

You should practice long-term thinking, for example, if you want to get results in affiliate marketing in 6 months, then today you need to learn and do what you have.

Being hasty and impatient to make money quickly will make it easy for you to be deceived by others and go into useless courses only.

For me, I always prefer sustainable forms and bring lasting values, which is the worth of effort, money and time to do.

6 Steps to Effective Affiliate Marketing

steps to affiliate marketing

1. Find a Niche

Before you start, you need to choose a niche that suits your abilities and, importantly, it has to be the most potential niche as possible.

If you are new, you should choose only a very small niche. After you have achieved good results, think about expanding to other niches.

2. Make a Specific Plan

You need a clear plan of time and strategy if you want good results.


Most people who come to affiliate marketing are looking forward to earning more from their leisure time. Therefore, most people start part time.

If you are also in this situation, you need to allocate a reasonable time for your main job and affiliate. It is best to set aside at least 2 ~ 4 hours a day.


My advice is to start with affiliate marketing towards quality and sustainability from the beginning.

That means you need to go into creating quality content and bring it to a sustainable marketing channel, a website, from the start.

3. Build Your Own Blog

I recommend that you start with a blog.

However, to be able to do affiliate marketing successfully with a blog requires effort and patience. If you are well prepared in skills, with a reasonable strategy, it will certainly work.

Nowadays, owning website is completely easy for everyone. Even if you don't know anything about programming, it doesn't matter to the wordpress platform.

4. Create Quality Content

When you start create content for your blog, you need at least 2 to 3 quality articles with a length of 2000 words or more.

This will help your article ranking high on Google, content quickly reach readers, help attract traffic to your blog.

5. Promote Your Blog

After having quality content, you need to spend more time promoting them to as many readers as possible.

This will not only help your website increase rankings on Google, but also help you increase sales and profits.

6. Join Affiliate Programs

Once you have your target niche, you need to dig into the best affiliate marketing programs in that niche.

Some affiliate networks you can join are: ShareASale, Amazon Associates, Clickbank.

7. Never Give Up

Affiliate marketing is not a solution to help you make money online immediately.

If you are impatient, it will be a biggest mistake, you will soon give up.

Now It's Your Turn

Affiliate Marketing is my favorite way to make money online right now and is something I am very passionate to pursue.

I hope that with my little experience, it can be helpful for your desire to make money online with affiliate marketing.

Just like any other job. You need time and energy, great perseverance to be successful with affiliate marketing.

Be realistic, learn and don't stop working. Success will come to you.

Let get started today.