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Tips on Blogging for Beginners: 9 Things I Wished I Knew When I Started Blog

I started my first blog in 2013.

At that time, I did not know anything about making money with blogs, SEO, blog optimization.

I blog because I love sharing my life experiences.

But my life has changed since I knew I could make money full time with blogs.

In this article I will share some tips that I wish I had known when I started blogging.

If you know these tips, you will avoid the mistakes that I made and save more time in developing your blog.

Let's get to it.


9 Blogging Tips You Need to Know

1. Narrow Down Your Niche

Do you know that millions of blogs exist on the internet?

That means you will have many competitors if you enter this business.

But do not worry.

There is still a way you can avoid that competition.

What I want to say is you narrow your niche.

I made a mistake when I started blogging about writing on too many topics.

I think that will reach more readers.

But that is completely wrong.

Because there are many blogs out there that focus on one topic and do it well.

So you will not be able to beat them if your blog covers too many topics.

By narrowing down the topic, you will have more opportunities to research on that topic and become an expert.

That's the lesson I will apply to the tmkzone.com blog in the beginning. My niche is to help you make money from blogging. And I believe with my experience, I will do it well.

2. Be Patient

Blogging is not a short term game.

Surely you will not succeed overnight.

If you do not know how to persevere, do everything in a hurry, apply blackhat ways, you will end up having the consequences.

Think of blogging as a long-term business and you need to be really serious about it.

You know, what's fast is often not sustainable.

Therefore, be patient to build your blog daily, and eventually you will see the results.

3. You Should Be Passionate About The Niche

Come to think of it, blogging is a long term game.

If you're serious about it, you'll be blogging for a long time and maybe your whole life.

You will never be able to do that if you are not passionate about the niche you choose.

I am sure that you will feel bored and give up in a short time if you choose the wrong niche.

So passion is a prerequisite to the success of your blog.

4. Do Not Focus on Statistics Every Day

Looking at the numbers daily will only make you depressed.

How can you attract readers when you start your blog?

Accept that your blog is new, and you need time to take it to the next level.

So instead of spending too much time on stats, you should focus on building great content.

And then audiences will come to you if your content provides great value to them.

5. Keyword Research is a Must

Blogging is a strategic game.

You can't write what you want and pray for someone to read.

That means you have to write about the topics being searched, and people have a need to read about them.

But how?

There are many tools to help you research keywords.

You can use kwfinder, ubersuggest, ahrefs, etc.

All you need to do is fill in the keywords, you will get information like monthly traffic, keyword strength, etc.

6. Quality is Always Better than Quantity

What if you wrote dozens of posts in a short time and no one cares.

Well, you are wasting a lot of time running after the numbers.

That means, when it comes to blogging, quality always beats quantity.

Writing lots of articles so that no one reads is meaningless.

Even if you only need to write one article a week, but write it deeply, I am sure you will attract many readers.

7. Taking Advantage of Your Competitors is Always Effective

Your competitors is always the source of ideas for your posts.

You can always find good articles to learn. Besides, you can improve what you haven't done well yet.

So now whenever you run out of ideas, you know where to look.

8. Consistency is Extremely Important

Suppose you write an article and leave it there. A few months later you return to write the second article.

How come you succeed with that?

Don't get me wrong, you do not need to write every day.

But at least schedule your posts and stick to them.

Treat your blog like your own child.

9. Monetization

Forget this if you're just blogging for fun.

But if you want to turn your blog into a real business then take it seriously.

Think carefully before choosing a niche. Do you have many opportunities to make money with that niche?

Will you make money with adsense? Or through affiliate marketing? Or selling your own product?

Whatever method you make money with, you should have a monetization strategy.


Blogging is a strategic game.

And yes, it's a difficult game.

You will have to do a lot of work to be successful.

But you know what? There will be a lot of people with you, including me.

Right here at TMKZone, I will share my real battle experiences over the years.

I hope that experience will help you a lot.

If you have any questions, don't forget to comment below.