how to make your blog popular

How to Make a Blog Popular: 6 Tips You Can Use Right Now

Millions of articles are published and thousands of blogs appeared every day on the internet.

And you are one of them.

You see, starting to blog is not that hard at all.

The difficulty is how your blog exists and defeats the other ones.

In this article, I'll show you how to make your blog popular.

Let's dive right in.


6 Tips to Make Your Blog Popular

1. Focus on a Specific Niche

One wrong thing new people make is to write about everything.

They write about their life, work, love, etc. They don't focus on one specific thing.

Such general content will not bring users back to your blog next time.

So, in the beginning you need to narrow down the topic for your blog and do it well.

After your blog grows to a certain extent, you can expand the topic into other areas.

2. Create the Best Content Possible

There are millions of blogs out there competing with you.

So how can you defeat them?

Normal content won't make a difference.

You need to write the best content possible.

You may not be good at first.

But if you keep writing, writing, and writing.

Then at some point, when your experience increases, you will create good content.

Remember, practice makes perfect. Consistently writing every day is what you should do.

3. Publish Frequently

Between publishing once a week and publishing seven times a week, you guess which one will make your blog more popular.

Of course the second one, right?

You can't just write one article a week or even one article a month and hopefully readers will find you.

Because it does not work.

I am not telling you to write every day.

But try to schedule publishing specifically.

You can say that you are busy, do not have much time.

But if you are really passionate, see your blog is a long-term business, you will manage your time.

Another reason for you to publish often is because Google loves it.

The more you publish regularly, the more chances you'll rank high on Google.

4. Do Not Forget Social Media

Let's say a user is reading your article, he feels great and wants to share it on his facebook. But he could not find any buttons to share.

Well, you lose the opportunity for more people to access your blog.

Make your posts easy to share on social networks.

You can use the plugin SumoMe to do this.

The easier for your posts to be shared, the more users will love your blog.

5. Make Your Post SEO-friendly

Never write an article without spending time researching it.

You know, when we talk about organic traffic, SEO is very important.

If you do not spend time researching keywords, optimizing onpage seo, then your article will hardly rank high on Google.

Researching is only the first step, the next step is to create quality content.


Because one of the top factors for high rankings is backlinks.

If your article is truly quality and valuable for readers, it will get lots of links.

As a result, your article will reach great sources of free traffic without spending any on advertising.

6. Guest Posting

No one will know your blog when your blog has just been launched.

Do you know about guest posting?

That is, you should find popular blogs with the same topic as your blog and suggest guest posts.

Fortunately, there are many blogs that accept guest posts.

You only need to search on Google with search term <keyword> + blog.

List the blogs you've just found and check if they accept guest posts.

How to know?

Usually blogs will have a write for us section.

write for us

If not, you can contact the blog owner directly via the email you found in the About section.


The above are ways you can make your blog more popular.

If you have any other way, please  let me know by leaving a comment below.

Hope you enjoyed this article.