the 3 stages of blogging for a living

The 3 Stages of Blogging for a Living

When it comes to blogging, you probably have heard too much about things like methods of making money online, how to set up a blog or how to optimize money making blogs, etc.

There is so much you need to do and if you are a newcomer, I am sure you will be confused.


You search for information, you worry that you don't know where to start, how to be successful with your blogging business? Sometimes you even doubt, "Did you really make money blogging?"

All but that is not surprising at all, because you are just beginning to approach the notion of blogging.

Just like you, the first few days I asked a bunch of questions, had made a lot of mistakes when I first started the idea of creating a blog.

And so far I have had some success, and I want to share with you those experiences again, with the sole purpose that you can succeed faster than me.

In this article, I will show you the stages and notes that you need to consider when starting a blog.

Let's begin.

Phase 1 (the first 30 days): Ideas and Setup Blog

blogging ideas

This is the stage where you start the idea of blogging, you have chosen the topic. But…

You Do Not Know How to Create a Blog?

Surely you will go to Google to search for keywords such as "How to create a blog" and then you continue to find "Which platform should choose to make money blogging" or "blogging on or"

It takes a lot of time, I can tell you right away by choosing for yourself a blogging platform:

Why? Because if you blog for the purpose of fun or journaling, you can choose, Blogger or Tumrblr,...

But if you start with the goal of making money blogging, then with your own host is the best solution.

Trust me, with this option, you may need to invest some funding such as buying a domain name and hosting.

By now you may have found it difficult, but the reality of having such a blog is extremely simple. You can own a blog in 20 minutes with a few extremely simple settings.

You Spend A Lot Of Time Choosing Themes

This is the first mistake that you often make. After installing a blog, you immediately see how ugly that theme.

Of course, because it's the default WordPress theme. But WordPress has many other free themes to choose from.

However, do not be too concerned about the theme is ugly or beautiful. At first, you should choose for yourself a simple theme, easy to use.

If you constantly change the theme you will lose time because after each change it will create a lot of problems, you won't have time for other important things like creating content.

Make Sure Your Blog Runs As Fast As Possible

With all my experience, I believe that page loading speed is a very important factor, because if your blog takes more than 5 seconds to load, you are definitely losing more than 90% of users.

But how?

Here's what you can do:

Choose a Good Hosting

If you use a bad hosting then your blog will run sluggishly.

You can use Hawk Host to start your blog journey. This is also the host that TMK Zone is using and I am satisfied with it.

Use A Cache Plugin

This plugin will help caching, and so your blog will not have to reload from the beginning for each different visit.

You can use W3 Total Cache for free to help your page load faster.

Optimize Images

A compelling article always comes with vivid images.

But using multiple images of will make your blog load slower.

Therefore, you can use tools like Tiny PNG to optimize images before uploading to your blog.

Phase 2 (the next 60 days): Create Content

create content for blog

Focus on Quality Rather Than Quantity

If you massively publish short, poor quality articles, that's a mistake.

Readers prefer quality articles that bring value to them rather than superficial ones.

And so is Google.

Therefore, you should invest the best for your articles.

Remember, don't rush to publish lots of articles for the first week and then do nothing.

On-Page SEO

Referring to SEO, a lot of people think that it is something very specialized, a job only for professionals. But the truth is it is not so hard.

In addition to writing quality articles, you should also pay attention to optimizing On-Page SEO to get high rankings on Google.

Build Your Email List

Email list are extremely important if you want to make money from blogging.

That's why people often say "The money is in the list."

You can use SumoMe in combination with a free email marketing service from MailChimp.

Guest Post

Writing articles on another blog is a great way to attract traffic. ​

There are quite a few blogs that allow you to post articles on their blogs.

Phase 3 (90 days): Keep Up Your Good Work and Scale Up Your Blog

grow your blog

There was no success overnight.

This is the stage you need to focus to take your blog to the next level.

Is It Possible to Earn Passive Income From Blogging?

100% yes.

But it is not easy work.

Do not expect making money after a short time blogging.

You should consider the blog is a long-term business.

This is a job only for those who persevere.

You Need to Know How to Manage Your Time

If you are blogging in parallel with your main job, then you need to know how to allocate time appropriately.

Make a specific plan. For example, spend 2 hours a day on your blog in the beginning.

Later when the blog grows, you make money from it, you can leave the main job to focus the whole time developing your blog.

Prepare for Bad Feedback

At this stage, you must have a regular readership of your blog.

Among them are many people who support you, helping you to be more motivated to continue blogging.

But on the contrary, there are also people who are jealous of you.

Just ignore them because haters gonna hate.

Spend time with your favorite people and focus on developing a good blog.

Back Up Data Regularly

Protecting data and back up it regularly is a very necessary job.

Imagine your blog losing data, being hacked.

This is bad, isn't it.

But because you back up regularly, you only need to use it to recover your blog immediately.

Plugin UpdraftPlus will help you do that.


Blogging, it sounds easy, but turning it into a long-term business requires a lot of work.

These are the things I really want to share with you, a blogger who just get started.

Leave a comment below so we have a chance to talk more. I always listens to and appreciates ideas from all of you.