start a blog that makes money

How to Start a Blog That Makes Money

Looking for a way to create a blog? You want to write a personal blog to make money?

Congratulations for being here, right on this article.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create your own blog in just 1 hour. And after that, you will see your blog appear on the internet.


But that's just the beginning, above all in this tutorial I will answer some questions so you can make money by blogging, living with full time blogging work, just like I did over the years.

What is a Blog?

A blog (or weblog) is a type of website, exists in the form of online diaries, bloggers can be an individual or a collective to write everything they want. But mostly each blog usually refers to one or several specific areas and they present it from an individual perspective based on their knowledge and understanding.

In short, you can create a personal blog to keep a diary of your life, share sadness and happiness, personal feelings about life,...

Most experts in a certain field have a blog to serve their career development, work, personal branding, and making money. This can also be called their own website. But most people will call it BLOG.

Why You Should Start Blogging to Make Money Right Now

In fact, blogging can make money.

I have been blogging full time to make money from 2015 up to now and still continue. Here are some reasons to start making money blogging:

  • You can work from anywhere: No need to go to the company, being able to generate income by working from home is something I enjoy the most. Of course making money by blogging is really not easy, but investing in a blog is basically very little risk because the cost is very small.
  • You give value to others: Blogging is a way you can share your knowledge to help a lot of people. And of course the money you earn from blogging work will be proportional to the number of people you help.
  • Blog helps you reach your customers better: If you are in business then blogging will be a great way for marketing.
  • Build your own community and become an influencer: From helping others you will gain credibility and of course you will have a voice and influence in the community itself.

Steps to Create a Blog

You can follow these steps below to create a blog:

1. Find a Niche

This is the step of choosing a topic for your blog.

If you are creating a blog for your business, the topic of your blog should be related to the product, service you are providing. The key thing here is to remember that you are creating a blog to promote and market those products and services.

If you want to create a blog to make money then maybe choosing a topic will need more consideration. But basically there will be 2 questions that you need to answer:

  • What's your hobby? If you blog about a topic you don't like, readers will recognize it in the paragraphs you write. Writing on a topic you don't like, I'm sure you won't be able to blog for more than 3 months because you'll quickly run out of ideas.
  • Does anyone care about the topic of your blog? Don't worry so much about it because if you like something, there might be people out there who have similar interests. Your job is to write and share it in a unique, creative way.

I have a tip to make it easier for you to choose your blog topic. For example, if you like to cook, then your blog's topic maybe about food and cooking.

But food and cooking is too wide, narrow down what style of cooking do you like? For example, if you like cakes, start with a blog about how to make cakes. This will focus more, you have a chance to become a leader in that niche, you can later expand to other niches.

2. Choose a Blog Platform

Now you need a platform. There are many of them to help you blog and publish content on the internet (Blogger, WordPress, Wix,...)

They all have their own advantages and disadvantages, but with all sincerity I recommend you go straight to WordPress. Because WordPress is the best, most flexible, and easy to customize.

According to current statistics, ~36% of websites on the planet are using WordPress.

There are basically two versions of WordPress:

Where you can create and host blogs for free, they will provide you with a domain name like, with limited features for blogging.

In the future, if you want to expand, upgrade and use a separate domain name, you will need to pay.

Where you have complete control, use your own domain name (for example: and host your blog on your own server.

And we will go for in this tutorial.

3. Choose a Domain Name

Now you need to think and decide to choose a domain name for your blog.

Every blog has a domain name and it is unique, so basically you need to have a domain name and that domain name has not been registered and used by anyone.

There are some basic factors when choosing a domain name for your blog:

  • Short, easy to remember, easy to read
  • Prefer to choose .COM domain name extension because it is popular
  • The domain name may be personal branding or related to your niche

For example:

You are a dog lover. You want to create a blog that shares your dog care knowledge because you are raising a Corgi. But is building a blog about all kinds of dogs too big?

There are so many dog breeds. But you love the dog Corgi the most, so why not create a blog that only shares about Corgi?

With this topic, you will have more knowledge to write, to share because you simply like the most for Corgi and you are also taking care of a Corgi.

Moreover, by choosing this type of topic you are targeting the right niche.

How to Purchase a Domain Name on NameCheap

Go to Name Cheap, then on the homepage click "SIGN UP" to create an account.

singup namecheap account

Fill out the required information as shown below, then click Create Account and Continue button. Remember to check your email for verification.

fill out information namecheap

Now is the time to check if your domain name has been purchased yet.

Enter the domain into the search box on homepage then press the Search button.

check domain

Opps! has been purchased by someone else.

purchased domain

So you need to choose another name. Let's pick

This domain can be purchased. The price is $8.88/year, now you just need to add to cart.

available domain name

Review your cart and then click Confirm Order button.

review cart

When registering a domain name at NameCheap you will always be free of WhoisGuard service (a service that hides personal information such as full name, address, phone number or email of the domain name registrant).

Select your payment method (Paypal for my case) and Continue.

select payment method

Check your cart for the last time and then click Check out PayPal.

review cart

So you have successfully purchased domain name.

4. Choose a Hosting

By the end of step 3 above, you already have a domain name. Now is the step of registering a hosting (where you host your blog on the internet).

We will use Hawk Host, one of the quality hosting providers to use. Hawk Host supports Memcached free technology, greatly speeding up the website.

With the exception of the Primary package limited to 10GB, the hosting packages of Hawk Host are not limited to the storage size, bandwidth and domain name.

Go to Hawk Host homepage and select Hosting.

select hosting

Select your package.

select hosting package

Hawk Host will ask you to choose a domain name.

Check the third option - I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers, then enter your domain name and click Use.

enter existing domain

In the next step, you need to select billing cycle and hosting location.

Then click Continue to go to the Review & Checkout page.

configure hosting

Enter promotion code if you have one and click Checkout.

review and checkout

Select your payment method and Complete Order.

select payment method

You will immediately receive notification email and hosting account information.

5. Point a Domain Name from Name Cheap to Hawk Host

Log in to HawkHost, select Services -> My Services.

select hawkhost service

Then, in the admin panel of My Products & Services, select the domain name you have registered to point hosting.

select domain

Copy nameservers.

copy nameservers

Login to Name Cheap, select Manage the domain you want to point.

select manage

Add the nameservers you copied above to the Custom DNS section and click the green check button.

paste nameservers

Now you need to wait about 30 minutes or a few hours for the process of connecting domain names to hosting completed.

6. Install WordPress

Before install wordpress, you need to activate SSL to increase the security of your blog.

Go to Hawkhost, select Services -> My Services -> cPanel.

select hawkhost service
select cPanel

In SECURITY section, select Lets Encrypt SSL.


Click Run AutoSSL button and wait for the process finish.

run AutoSSL
ssl progress

Next, we can start installing wordpress blogs.

Select Softaculous Apps Installer in SOFTWARE section.

install wordpress

Select Install wordpress.

install wordpress

Fill out all information and click Install button.

install wordpress on hawkhost

The installation process will begin and take about ~15 seconds. You will then receive a notification of successful installation below.

install wordpress successfully

Now you can access your blog by typing domain name into web browser address bar.


Congrats, your blog is now on the internet.

With this article, I show you a comprehensive overview of how to create a blog, the process is basically not difficult and anyone can start to do it without technical knowledge.

Hope you enjoy it.